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HFV Wilson Community Center Facility Rental Rules and Regulations

  1. HFV Center Rental Rules and Regulations
  2. 1. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the HFV Wilson Community Center, the City of Ardmore, their agents and employees from and against any claims for damages to persons or property arising from the use of the Facility and its premises by the renter. The renter does hereby assume all liability and responsibility for bodily injuires, claims, or suits for damages to persons or property of whatsoever kind of character, whether real or asserted, occurring in connection with the use of the Facility or its premises by the renter, his or its agents, servants, employees, contractors, or subcontractors. Neither the Center nor the City assumes any responsibility for any property placed in or about the Center.
  3. 2. Lessee may be required to provide the Center with a Certificate of Insurance showing the liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 to cover any damages, injuires, and/or claims while renting the building. If building is open to the public, event insurance will be required during rental.
  4. 3. Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for any damages to premises and/or property, even above the deposited amount. Once the reservation has ended, a facility inspection will be performed. If a deposit was taken, it will be refunded if no building damage is detected and rented areas have been properly cleaned. The refund will be available for pickup the following business day.
  5. 4. Renter shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws. .
  6. 5. Renter must use extreme caution when posting or attaching anything to the interior of the Center. Only materials may be used that will not physically damage any walls, ceilings, etc
  7. 6. Renter may not collect fees on premises without previous approval by the Executive Director. (Additional fees could apply.)
  8. 7. Renter agrees to leave premises in as good or better condition than which existed prior to usage. This includes putting away all equipment in proper areas, removing decorations, spot mopping floors, sweeping, and taking out the trash. Rental group is permitted to use only the areas which are designated on the written contract.
  9. 8. Renter is responsible for set-up and clean-up of facility (if not included in rental agreement) and this time shall be included in the overall reservation time on the written contract. Additional services/equipment are the responsibility of the renter. If the building is not vacated at the specified time as stated on the contract, additional time will be charged at double the original rate. Community Center staff is not responsible for setting up or putting away tables, chairs, or any other equipment used during the reservation.
  10. 9. Cancellation Policy: A $25.00 processing fee will be assessed on ALL reservations cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. For reservations cancelled between 12 and 48 hours prior to rental, 75% of the rental price will be charged. There will be no refund for any rental cancelled less than 12 hours before the rental is to begin.
  11. 10. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and gambling are prohibited in all areas of the HFV Wilson Community Center.
  12. 11. The Center will be closed during holidays. If employees are available to work rentals on holidays, renters may rent the facility.
  13. 12. Executive Director reserves the right to determine whether police security is required for an activity. Police security will be determined if event is open to the public. The renter is responsible for payment, in cash, to police officers at the time of the reservation. Police work for minimum of three (3) hour shifts.
  14. 13. The HFV Wilson Community Center, City of Ardmore, and Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap in its programs and activities. Complaints or concerns on alleged discrimination can be filed with either the Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department or the Office of Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 20240
  15. 14. No oral agreements for use of the facility shall be valid. All reservations must be confirmed with written contract signed and approved by the Executive Director and renter. Fees must be paid in full.
  16. 15. Anyone who fails to abide by the rules listed on this page will be subject to loss of deposit.
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