Rose Hill

Rose Hill Cemetery is located at 1604 C Street SE and was established in 1893 as Ardmore's largest and oldest cemetery covering approximately 120 acres. Before statehood, the town had two other cemeteries that were moved to Rose Hill. A number of gravestones date back to the late 1880's and early 1890's. In fact, this cemetery is the burial place for many soldiers from the Confederate home.                                                                      

 Located in the Cemetery are:  
           *   Veterans Section  (Dedicated to veterans from the Spanish/American War to present day)
           *   Confederate Section
           *   Babyland (newly renovated)

Cemetery Ordinances

By obeying ordinances, the community can assist city personnel in maintaining the cemeteries.

Ordinances regarding Ardmore Public Cemeteries are in italics below and a brief explanation from each ordinance follows. To receive a complete copy of the ordinances contact City Hall at 580-226-2100 or the City's website. 

Section 7 - 12. Flowers, vases, trees, bushes & shrubs
In both Clearview and Rose Hill Cemetery, two (2) flower vases may be attached to the monument concrete foundation or a concrete foundation adjacent to the monument foundation. Flower vases not attached will be removed by cemetery maintenance personnel after a reasonable time. No permanent flowers, trees, bushes or shrubs may be planted.

Section 7 - 15. Curbs, grave covers, benches and height of mounds
All cornerstones (lot markers) must be installed flush with the ground. No curbs shall be allowed and mounds cannot be above four (4) inches.

Section 7 - 20. Speed limit on cemetery roads
It is unlawful to ride or drive through the cemetery except on the streets, and then at a speed of not more than ten (10) miles per hour.

 Section 7 - 3 and 6. Burial spaces and prices
Burial spaces are $400 each. Fees for opening and closing grave for burials are: