Operation Pride Items

Items Allowed For Pick Up

  • Appliances without freon (with removal certification)
  • Brush and grass
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Tires (limited to 4 per residence per calendar year) and batteries
  • Trees under 12 inches in diameter, limbs and trimmings
  • Wood and lumber

Items Not Allowed For Pick Up

  • Appliances with freon
  • Bulky waste from commercial business
  • Bulky waste illegally deposited on lots
  • Commercial truck or tractor tires
  • Hazardous materials
    • Asbestos
    • Chemicals
    • Lead based paint
  • Remodel - Houses demolished by owner or contractors
  • Items disposed of from unoccupied dwellings or vacant rental property
  • Large trees 12 inches in diameter or larger
  • Other items determined to be inappropriate by the Public Works Director
  • Typical household garbage (sanitation crews collect household garbage weekly)

Illegal Dumping

The Public Works Director and his designees will make the determination if deposited material is eligible for Operation Pride pick up. Illegal dumping of material on vacant lots or at residences will be investigated by the City Code Enforcement Officer, and violators will be prosecuted within provisions of the law. Fines for illegal dumping will be according to applicable provisions of Ardmore City Ordinances.

Contractor Service

Any business and/or contractor, tree removal or construction contractor involved in remodeling, building, construction or other projects is responsible for hauling any bulky waste from a work site B to the regional landfill. Such items are not eligible for Operation Pride removal.