Water Distribution

The City of Ardmore Water Distribution Department is responsible for the distribution of water to all of the residences and business within the city limits, along with installation and maintenance on all water lines, sewer lines, meters and fire hydrants in the city.

           Water Taps

            Sewer Taps

            Installation of:

All size valves when needed

Fire hydrants when needed

Main line - water, sewer when needed

Service lines when needed

            Maintenance on all:

Fire hydrants


Sewer lines

Water lines



Water Meters & Sewer Taps Fees

Measurement Water Meters

5/8 inch Disc Meter:                                   $250

3/4 inch Disc Meter:                                   $275

1 inch Disc Meter:                                      $350

1.5 inch Disc Meter:      

2 inch Disc Meter:                                      $875

2 inch Turbo Meter:                                   $1,025

2 inch Compound Meter:                          $2,125

4 inch Turbo Meter:                                   $1,625

4 inch Compound Meter:                          $3,775

6 inch Turbo Meter:                                   $3,700

6 inch Compound Meter:                          $5,325

5/8 inch Meter and Tap:                            $1,350

3/4 inch Meter and Tap:                            $1,375

1 inch Meter and Tap:                                $1,500

2 inch Meter and Tap:                                $3,125

2 inch Turbo Meter and Tap:                    $3,100

2 inch Compound Meter and Tap:           $4,200

Construction Meter:                                  $1,200


Large Water Meters

2 inch Wet Tap for Water Meter:             $3,100

2 inch Compound Meter and Tap:           $4,200

6 inch Wet Tap for Water Meter :             $3,150

8 inch Wet Tap for Water Meter :             $3,825

Deposits (Per Meter)

              Residential:                     No Bal - $150     Bal - $200

              Commercial I:                  $250

              Commercial II:                 $500

Commercial III:                $1,000


Sewer Tap

4 inch Sewer Tap:                         $900

6 inch Sewer Tap:                         $1,000

8 inch Sewer Tap:                         $1,225


Connection Fee to Existing Tap

Sewer: $100

Water: See Replacements Costs

Note: If placement exceeds 28 feet a $10 per foot charge will be added for the excess of 28 feet.


Lines larger Than 12" Diameter

Section 30-18(b)

Where the proposed taps are into a water line that is larger than 12 inches, or when special circumstances are involved, the cost of the tap will be calculated by the City Engineer and Public Works Director. A staff report and recommendation to the City Commission will be prepared for action by the City Commission as to whether the tap shall be allowed and the cost thereof.


Additional Costs for Non-Standard Street Cuts

Section 30-18(c)

Where street cuts are greater than the standard 28 foot pavement width, additional costs for construction, meters, and taps may be charged to the landowner or applicant, according to labor and material costs and based upon a per foot basis, ($10 per foot) determined by the building official.

            Ordinance No. 2868 (3-17-08)

            Ordinance No. 2714 (6-17-02)

            Ordinance No. 2711 (4-15-02

Contact Information

Rex Butler
Field Supervisor
(580) 226-3772

For immediate assistance contact:

Chad Goodson
Warehouse Manager
(580) 226-3772

After hours telephone number:
(580) 226-3772