Citizen Complaints

The Ardmore Police Department is committed to investigating all complaints, including anonymous, against the agency to equitably determine whether the allegations are substantiated and to take appropriate action.

A complaint may be filed by utilizing one of the following methods:

  • During normal business hours, call (580) 221-2527 or stop by the Office of the Chief of Police to request a Citizen Complaint against Police Personnel form.
    • Return the complaint form in person to the on-duty supervisor.
    • Return the complaint form by mail:
      Ardmore Police Department
      23 S. Washington St.
      Ardmore, OK 73401
  • After normal business hours, stop by the Ardmore Police Department to speak with the on-duty supervisor to initiate a complaint.
  • Download a Citizen Complaint Against Police Personnel Form (PDF) and deliver it to the Police Department.
Annual statistical summaries, based upon records of internal affairs investigations, are available to the public.