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  1. Seal of the Ardmore Police Department
  2. Ardmore Police Department

    Records Division
    23 S. Washington
    Ardmore, OK 73401

    Ph: 580-223-1930
    Fx: 580-221-2518
  3. Report Request
  4. Enter Report or Incident Number if known.
  5. If exact date is unknown, please enter an approximate date range.
  6. If exact location is unknown, enter at least the street name.
  7. (Examples: Accident, Disturbance, Theft, Property Damage, etc.)
  8. Sex*
  9. In the event additional information is needed to locate the report, please enter a contact number.
  10. This agency is paperless. Enter an email address to receive the requested report. If no email address is available, enter a Fax number.
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