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HFV Center Facility and Grounds Rental Refund Policy

  1. Facility and Grounds Rental Refund Policy
  2. When reserving the building or grounds for your event, your deposit must be paid in full before your reservation can be confirmed. The total rental fee MUST be paid a minimum of 5 business days prior to the reservation date or the reservation will be cancelled.
  3. If a rental is cancelled five or more business days before the rental reservation date, 100% of any paid rental fees and/or deposit will be refunded. If a rental reservation is cancelled less than 5 days of the rental reservation date, NO REFUNDS of any paid deposits and/or rental fees will be issued. A customer may, however, reschedule his/her rental reservation date without penalty if it is more than 3 business days prior to the scheduled rental reservation date.
  4. The renter also understands that there are NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES permitted on the premises and that the deposit will not be refunded if there is any damage to the building or any center property during the rental contract.
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