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Club Room- Arts and Crafts Room

Subfacility of HFV WIlson Center

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Reservation Cost

$14.00 per day

Admission Fee


Max Occupancy 25


  1. Chairs
  2. Internet
  3. Kitchen ($20.00 Add-on)
  4. Parking
  5. Playground ($20.00 Add-on)
  6. Restrooms
  7. Tables
  8. Water
  9. Water Fountain
The Club Room- Arts and Crafts Room is typically used for meetings or very small gatherings. We have 3-4 tables that will fit in the Arts and Crafts Room.

Our employee fee is $9.00 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours. Payment of the employee must be in cash and will take place on the day of the rental. 

A $50 deposit is required for the rental which will be returned if the rental guidelines are followed and the facility is left in good condition.

Any rental within our business hours is no charge. 
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