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Posted on: March 26, 2020

Mayor’s Letter to the City


I currently have the great honor of serving as Mayor of this City we call home.  I am a retiree, son, an uncle, a husband, a father and very proud grandfather.  It is those last titles that cause my heavy heart and prompt me to write to you now.  I ask that we call upon our best selves.  The selves that we want our kids to emulate and our spouses to adore.  We are Ardmore.  Everyone’s path to this place is different.  That is what makes this town so special.  We blend experience from all walks of life.  It is that experience that needs to shine forth.  Let Ardmore be a beacon for all of Oklahoma, a nation and the world.  

Currently we are battling something that can’t be seen.  The front line has changed.  The uniforms have changed as well.  We have gone from fatigues to scrubs.  The orderlies, nurses and doctors who have taken oaths to do no harm are putting themselves in harms way for us.  We know the system wasn’t ready.  We hear it told to us over and over again by the media. That is the past and we can talk about that when we get through this and are looking back.  What can we do now.  Here is the list that I have asked the dedicated workers of city to follow all while keeping water flowing, trash picked up, roads repaired and even communication up.

1. Be kind to your neighbor.  Think of them as you go about your day.

2. Remember those who are most vulnerable. This includes the elderly but also those whose lives have a disruption in income or even food programs that used to feed some families their only meal each day.  

3. Please use social distancing as each and every health organization has unanimously asked us to practice.  I know some have said I am not sick so why should I. To you I speak the loudest. Look into your heart and do this one thing for others.  You have seen the news and you know there are families that are forever changed because someone didn’t know or possibly care. Also remember social distancing does not mean social isolation. We live in a time where most of us have within our hands a device that has more power then what it took to fly man to the moon. Yet sometimes we forget to call the person next door to see if they are ok.

4. If you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19 stay home and self-quarantine the recommended time frame. Protecting others becomes your only job.

5. If you are sick with symptoms of Covid-19 seek medical advice or attention and stay home if advised.  Getting well and protecting others become your only jobs.

The Governor just released the “Safer at Home” order statewide, requesting elderly and individuals who are immunocompromised or have pre-existing conditions to shelter in their homes, leaving only for essential needs like groceries or prescriptions, ‪until April 30.‬ Businesses must come into compliance by ‪midnight March 25.‬

1. All non-essential businesses are to close in all Oklahoma counties. Businesses explicitly listed include: hair salons, gyms, theaters, massage parlors, tattoo parlors, museums, etc. 

2. Restaurants may remain open in these counties but must close their dine-in area, offering instead curbside pickup and delivery. 

3. ‪This order ‬suspends elective surgeries, minor medical procedures, and non-emergency dental procedures beginning March 25 for the next two weeks to preserve medical supplies and PPE for COVID-19 response. 

4. Gatherings of 10 or more individuals are prohibited. I know some businesses and churches have become very creative in their use of technology to overcome this limitation.  Isn’t it wonderful we live in an age where we even have this option. 

5. Visitors at nursing homes, retirement or long-term care is restricted. Please consult with the care facility the exact restrictions they are under.

The City Manager, his Executive Staff and I have met multiple times to coordinate our efforts. We will continue to do so.  With some minor alterations to work schedules within the city we will work to keep uninterrupted the critical services that the citizens need.  Foot traffic in all of City Hall is closed to protect the staff as well as you.  Most work will be handled via the phone.  Phone numbers can be found on the City’s website listed below.

Please be patient with your City workers. They are doing their absolute best in a situation that takes them away from their families for you.

For the only correct information on the virus please visit:

For State Corona Virus information:

For City of Ardmore information see this Facebook page or our webpage:

Ardmore has always risen to a crisis.  Whether it is a tornado that cuts a path, an explosion that blows a hole, or even a child needing a meal.  We have always stepped up.

May we all step up and be counted as ones who did our very best. I know we can. We are Ardmore.  May God bless each one of us, and all who live on this beautiful planet.

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