City Services

  1. Operation Pride

    The City of Ardmore operates an Operation Pride bulky waste collection for residential dwellings on City Water Service and within the city limits. The city will collect and dispose of bulky waste from residential dwellings which is placed at the curb in front of the residence adjacent to the public street.

  2. Wastewater Treatment

    The City of Ardmore operates a wastewater treatment facility located immediately north of the Valero Refinery on Sutton Road near Mesa Road. The facility, which was built and put online in 1985, treats the entirety of the city’s domestic wastewater.

  3. Water Distribution

    The City of Ardmore Water Distribution Department is responsible for the distribution of water to all of the residences and business within the city limits, along with installation and maintenance on all water lines, sewer lines, meters, and fire hydrants in the city.

  4. Water Treatment

    By 1969, Ardmore relied on 2 sources for its water supply, City Lake and Mountain Lake. After 1969 Lake Jean Neudstat and Lake Scott King were constructed to supplement Ardmore's water supply.